Friday, January 17, 2014

Contentment brings Peace

a state of happiness and satisfaction.

This definition seems so simple but many people you speak to do not have any idea what the word contentment means.  I heard in a sermon that we are most content when we stop seeking so hard for that "Next Big Thing".  

If you spend every day and every hour counting down to the next big thing or event in your life, how are you enjoying today completely?  Some of my best memories when my kids were small was the unexpected night of pizza (with coupons) and watching movies at home. We would all sit in the floor with pizza, soda and popcorn and have a great movie night at home.  My daughter now holds movie popcorn night with her husband and son and it makes me smile cause she is carrying on a tradition we had 'back then'. 

If you spend your days looking and questioning what others are doing, you are wasting valuable time you could have spent on your own family and your own needs/goals.  You are not doing anyone any favors by being nosy in their business. If it does not concern you or your family and no one is being endangered, then leave it alone and learn not to care or wonder about it.  It is not your business and be thankful for that!!!  I cannot stand busybodies and deal with 2 or 3 of them at the office on a daily basis.

I know you and I will continue to have bad days and be forced to deal with less than ideal circumstances but we can be content and find the good in every day to make it bearable.  Be thankful in the small things and you will be blessed!

I hope each of you have a blessed weekend!