Friday, December 20, 2013

To Gift or Not to Gift

Over the past week, I have attended 3-4 different Christmas gatherings and at every single one I heard people talking about their lengthy shopping list. Last night I became very aware that I am probably the only one of my friends/family and acquaintances that does not have a Christmas tree up this year. The one thing that has become glaringly obvious to me over the past 2 weeks is that I do not look for or wish for gifts from my friends and family.

I used to spend months worrying and stressing over what to buy my spouse for Christmas or birthday. I usually ended up disappointing them and that made it even harder to shop for this person the next time.  When people would ask me what I want for my birthday, I usually struggle to come up with an idea to ask for.  I wanted a Keurig coffee maker for years but did not buy myself one until I separated from my ex-husband. It was a sign of independence to finally get something I wanted and not have to ask permission to spend the money.

When I watch TV and see all the commercials trying to convince men that all women want a $500.00 necklace, I just shake my head at the expense and commercialism of the season. This year I chose to only do my shopping online and I only purchased a few gifts. I have such peace about the holidays this year because I am doing Christmas 'my way'.

Wouldn't it be nice to just enjoy a few hours with friends over a great meal for a Christmas Gift?  That is all I want for Christmas. I just want to enjoy time with family and friends that are dear to me.

Be safe in all your travels and I pray you have a Happy Holiday Season with those you hold dear. Don't be afraid to make the holiday celebration your own. If you are in danger, please ask for help!