Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Selfishness or Protecting Yourself? #pray #protection

I am by no means an expert on life, but I have been through enough stuff to know when it is time to walk away.  Sunday Morning in Life Group we talked about things in our lives that are strongholds.  Lots of people mentioned past hurts, forgiveness and how hard it is to deal with hurt in our lives when the person who hurt us is a relative. We have to love ourselves enough to put distance between ourselves and the person choosing to hurt us.

You do not have to answer that phone call, text or email message. The person calling can leave a message and you can look at it later when you are mentally able to deal with whatever is being said.  Some people are constantly asking things of you and when you get to a point of "No More", you have to step up and say "No More" to this person.  Sometimes you can walk away, block them on facebook and email and pray they don't bother you in the future.  Sometimes you physically have to face them and tell them that you need your space and ask them to respect it.

Today, all of my thoughts are on my own personal battle with boundaries and I need you to pray for me to hold strong to my boundaries I have set up and not falter.  In order for me to heal, I had to remove people from my life. This includes friends of over 20 years, ex-husbands and people I thought would be my friend and supporters until the day I died.  Abusers will continue to abuse you and you have to put them out of your life.

Please pray for me in my battle and I will pray for you in your battles! Seek help if you are in immediate danger.  For a 24-hour National Domestic Violence Hotline, call 1-800-799-SAFE (7233).