Sunday, December 29, 2013

Blame Others or Take Responsibility?

As we get older, most people learn to take responsibility for their actions and grow from their choices and mistakes along their journey.

I want to encourage each of you to stop right now and think about where you live, you are are with and who you are allowing to be in your life.  Where you are right now is a product of the choices you made in your far or recent past.

I want to cheer you on as you change your focus and consciously make healthy choices for your future home, life, education, church family, children and finances.  What you have is your choice and you have the power to change everything you 'think' you are stuck with.

Need to get a handle on your budget? Ask someone to teach you a budgeting system.
Want to be more involved with your children's school? Call the school and ask to help/volunteer.
Wish you had finished school? Do the research and find out what it would take to get enrolled again.

I guarantee you that there are people around you that can help you learn or achieve anything you want if YOU are willing to do the work.

You will have more respect when you work hard to get out of a bad situation than if you just sit around and say that 'everyone' is out to get you or cause you harm.

I say this with love and care and wish each of you peace, wisdom and clarity in 2014!
If you are in danger, please seek help!