Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Anger and Arguing Solve Nothing.

Anger and Arguing solve nothing and often lead to violence.

We all get angry and annoyed at people in our lives, work, family and friends.  That is okay, but what is not okay is hurting others with your words and senseless arguing.  Self-control is something all of us must learn in order to get along with others in our journey in this life. The holiday season is the time of year when more wrecks happen, more disagreements and most stress occurs.

You control how you respond to others and you control how you feel or if you allow these feelings to destroy your day or your attitude.  There is never a good reason to get nasty and ugly with a store manager over a discount. In fact, if you ask nicely and stay calm, you might get more of a discount than you anticipated. All of these factors influence what you receive. When you ask for something, you will usually get more. When you go in with a demanding tone, you usually get nothing other than embarrassment and the restaurant will dread to see you coming the next time.

I get aggravated at plenty of things/people in my life these days and I am not afraid to speak about it.  I choose to start my day when I know I must interact with these people with prayer for grace, wisdom and peace to do what I must do and keep my self at peace.  When we stay at peace on the inside, we are less likely to react in anger when someone really makes us angry through their words and actions.

In the past few days I have seen nearly every emotion possible displayed because of a car accident and delays and money stress that goes along with being stuck somewhere while you are traveling. I am truly thankful to be alive and spending time with my son and his family this Christmas.  As I have gotten older, I no longer enjoy extended arguing or loud music and I really feel out of place here but I know I am with my son and his family, so I am thankful.

I fully intend to send letters of thanks to those businesses who blessed us during our travels this week because I know how far a letter of thanks can go to a business owner or employee in the tourist business. Kindness and genuine appreciation go along way with family, friends and strangers (or angels) along your daily travels. 

My 2013 Christmas wish for you is that you stay in peace, hug those you are spending the holiday with and stay safe above all else.  I love you and pray you are safe this Christmas Day.