Friday, November 29, 2013

Choices: Big or Small - Pray about them all.

Good Morning!
It is Black Friday here in Nashville, Tennessee and I am not out shopping because I have done all my shopping online already.  I want to talk about choices today.  When you wake up in the morning, you have choices to make (what to wear, whether to brush your teeth, or breakfast). Many of these simplistic choices we make without agonizing over them and just go about our day.  But there are days when you will be faced with choices that affect your income, where you live or what vehicle to purchase. 

How do you approach the bigger choices?  Scripture says we are able to take everything to God in prayer. That means Everything! Nothing in our lives is too small to take to our Lord and Savior and Nothing is too big either. 

When you live according to the Word of God, you know the basics of right and wrong and most of your choices are made for you if you are choosing to live your life for God's kingdom.  There are many things that we are unsure of and that is why we need to take those choices to God in prayer.

In the past 3 years I have had to make many choices about jobs to take or turn down and I made choices based on the information I had at the time.  Do I regret any of my choices? Yes, I do, but I have peace about them now because I learned something from every choice and opportunity.  I will probably always wonder what would have happened if I had never moved to Middle GA in 2011.  I met some wonderful people while working in GA and I hope to visit them again soon.

How do I have peace about my choices (even when I choose wrong)? Because I know that God knows how things will end up and will use my choices to help me in the long run.  You can choose to be nosy in other people's business and how they raise their children or you can choose to 'live and let live' with your family and friends. Is your opinion really worth a loud argument or hurt feelings?

Even in the holiday craziness that we are now in, you can CHOOSE to have peace every day and not get caught up in the turmoil or stress of buying the right gift.  I am not saying it is wrong to buy gifts, but please don't go into debt over a Christmas Present. Some families draw names for gifts and some families only give gifts for the children in the family.  This will depend on your beliefs around Christmas and how your particular family celebrates.

I had Thanksgiving with my family yesterday, stayed quiet and after the meal, I got together with a friend to go to the movies. It was a great mix of family first and then time with a friend just to escape the hustle/bustle of the holidays.   This choice helped me cope with the loneliness that the holidays bring to mind and enabled me to relax in my own way.

I pray that you have a blessed holiday season and make choices that are good for you, your children and those you spend the holiday with. Your sanity and peace during the season is up to you in many ways, so consider making your choices with prayer.

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