Sunday, October 27, 2013

Depression is Not just in your Head.

Depression is real. Some patients have severe depression that requires medication, therapy and constant struggles to get through their lives.  Some patients just go through a season of depression when they lose a loved one or dealing with empty nest or job loss.  Depression is like a prison guard when you are living in an abusive situation. Depression lies and tells you to give up and give in and that you cannot survive without the abuser. Depression is a Liar and you have to fight back.

I started talking about my depression and then eventually I was able to talk about the abuse I was dealing with.  A good doctor will get to the root of your problem if you are truly transparent with them. For a long time, I was not completely honest with my doctor and it showed because we got to a point where nothing was helping. My daughter was the one who broke the barrier and made me see that I had to tell my doctor everything. I will always be thankful she went with me that day to that particular appointment.

This being said, I have been treated for depression off and on since 2006. I am not ashamed of it, but I am not going to deny this fact either.  I only told a few people back then what I was dealing with because I was afraid of their opinions of me.  My doctor suggested I read some books back then and I still have them in my library to refer to when I have a really bad day and need to refocus.

The books that helped me most back then and even today are Battlefield of the Mind by Joyce Meyer and Get out of That Pit by Beth Moore. Both books have scripture references and you can even get study guides to go along with them. Check out your used book stores if money is tight and get a copy to read.  I suggest praying each day prior to your book reading and study.

Here in this technical age we live in, you can even sign up to get Bible verses sent to your cell phone in text messages or daily emails.  Daily study and daily references to God's Word will help you push through the fog of depression.

If you are dealing with prolonged feelings of sadness, depression or worthlessness, please call your doctor, pastor, friends and ask for help or direction. Please do not think that you can snap out of it all on your own. Ask for help and Pray.

If you need to reach a local shelter or the Domestic Violence Help Line, Please visit