Friday, October 25, 2013

Blessed through all the Mess!

I have been through a lot in my lifetime and God has carried me through it all. Even the years that I didn't enter a church building, I know God was working in my life and providing for me through my friends and family. My children never went hungry although they might have gotten tired of the same 7-10 dinners all those years, they never went without something to eat. We always had a roof over our head and heat or air in the house we lived in.

I am so thankful for the church families who have blessed my children and I over the years. One year, my family was chosen to receive food, clothes and bicycles for the kids from a church. I was overwhelmed that Christmas that a school secretary chose us to receive so much. I didn't have much but if I saw someone that needed something, I did my best to share with them what little I had.

I am very thankful for the women who befriended me when I had so many barricades up and I was very unfriendly. I have friends in nearly every state of the U.S. thanks to online communities I have been involved in through Girl Scouts and direct sales. During the darkest times whether I was single or married, a few women were always kind enough to answer their phones and talk me through issues or text me back when I needed a prayer.  It didn't matter what the problem was, the first answer from these Christian ladies was always prayer.

In all the chaos of my life, I have always known God was there and that He sent his Son to die for us. I am so thankful that no matter how depressed I got and no matter what the verbal abuse told me, God was always there and always took me in his arms and shielded me from so many things that could have happened to me and my children.

Today, I think of the song "Overcomer" by Mandisa and suggest everyone listen to it to keep you going through the roughest days/seasons.  I also recommend listening to "What faith can Do" by Kutless.  I listen to Christian music in my car all the time and have for years and it cheers me up and keeps me going through it all.

If you need to reach a local shelter or the Domestic Violence Help Line, Please visit