Wednesday, October 16, 2013

A little about me.

I am a Christian mom to two grown children and three grandchildren call me "Mimi". I am divorced and looking forward to my future. I have been writing in a journal off and on for years, but I have found my voice this year. If my story of surviving and leaving abusive marriages helps someone avoid them or get out of an abusive relationship, then I am thrilled my story helped them!

If you need to reach a local shelter or the Domestic Violence Help Line, Please visit

This hand is now bare or empty by society’s view
I am now 43 and single (again).
Sometimes I look at how old my hand looks

And sometimes I see the markings on my fingers from rings I have worn in the past…
I don’t miss the rings or the men attached to them
Day by day I will look at this empty hand as a sign that I am now free to do what I wish.

I miss the friendship and companion ship that went along with holding someone’s hand on a hike,
Or camping, or at a movie but I do not miss waiting up for him when he never comes home.

So I will value my hands and be very careful what I hold and do with my hands because there is much good left in them, I just have to find out what that is.