Friday, November 17, 2017

Friday Night at Home

I had a great visit with my sister in law earlier this week. Today I was home, ran errands and did some work on my Corner 2 Corner crochet project as well as laundry, dishes, visited with Kourtney and Xander and came home depressed.

Depressed??? Why on earth are you depressed (many folks ask)?

I have been fighting depression for years. I call it the little gray cloud that just won't go away.

Nothing is wrong at home or at work (as far as I know). I just get overcome with worry and depression sets up housekeeping.

Between losing my friend to cancer last week, money being tighter than usual and not working this week, I have been at a loss what to do with my time.

I see people posting on facebook about entitlement, white privilege and fighting over things that cannot be won with words. Every night on the news we hear about a few shootings in Nashville and pray that there is not another shooting at a school, concert or church. It is a very scary world we live in right now in 2017.

The best thing we can do is love on those we care about, check on those we don't hear from very often and always show love instead of picking a fight.

This is difficult because like you, I have folks in my daily life that I dread dealing with (who get on my last nerve just by speaking), but If I have to push through my day with a customer service smile, then I trust you can do the same.

No pill made by man will cure your depression or take it away. What works best for me is finding something to do, volunteer to keep my mind busy and of late, I crochet for therapy as well. I often talk it out with a dear friend, but again, she has disappeared (she does that a lot) again.

So tonight, I put the TV on pandora, washed dishes, prepped a chicken casserole and looked at new photos from my grandchildren. They always make me smile. I would give anything I own to have them all together for a couple of days, but this year, that just won't happen. Maybe next year!

I hope you have a blessed weekend, If you are working, I hope you get through the shifts with a smile and have a safe place to go home to. If you are off like me, I pray you spend it in peace and lifting others up instead of tearing them apart with criticism.

#bekind #love #joy

Sunday, November 12, 2017

Loss, Confusion and Moving Forward

Thursday Night, November 9th, I received the news that a dear friend Eric had passed away from complications caused by cancer. He will be missed by so many who knew him.

I met him in 1993 and with his mom, brother and his encouragement/friendship, I did get back on my feet. I actually started enjoying life again. David got to meet Eric back in early September on a Sunday afternoon before the wedding. Memories of Eric are hitting me in waves and I will never forget him. 

I worked the long Friday and was so thankful that I am off work this week. I am still emotional, but I am moving on because I know Eric would want his friends to keep going on with out him.

Saturday, I worked a Holiday Bazaar at St. John's Lutheran Church and had a really good day. Tiffany came down and between the two of us we both shared PartyLite and Origami Owl with other vendors, and our customers.

It's been rainy and damp today here in Tennessee.
I have not accomplished much other than laundry, baking cookies, picking up chicken for lunch/dinner and getting things ready for the week.

As I type, my hubby is dozing while the Titans game is on TV.

Now I need to pack and clean up the kitchen so that is marked off my list.

Need ideas for the ladies on your list? Check out my Origami Owl website at

Monday, November 6, 2017

Progress Made!

Today was my follow up appointment from August 9th.
That was when I was told I had to cut back on my salt intake, lose some weight and get back on my bp meds.

This morning, my doctor was thrilled with the fact that my bp was down, my swelling was down and I had lost 8 lbs. I have to admit it felt good to have a doctor say congrats and good job when I registered the lower weight.

I was bummed it was not more and he said that slow weight loss is the healthy way to do it.

Last week on October 31st, I qualified as a Senior Designer with Origami Owl. That means that me and my teammate Tiffany sold enough to give me a new title with the company. This is really cool because honestly, I am just having so much fun with the jewelry I don't even feel like it is work. I just wear the jewelry every day, share what I love and offer jewelry bars to others so they can earn free lockets/charms and jewelry too!

It's a rainy day here in Middle Tennessee. All I want to do is curl up on the couch with my hubby, watch a movie and enjoy being together.

Customer service is not everywhere you expect it to be. Sometimes you don't get greeted, sometimes, you sign in and wait a while to be seen. But it all works out in the end.

Always stay true to yourself. After all, you were created unique. Originals are worth a lot more than copies.

Over the weekend I had the privilege to attend the 2017 Buddy Walk and again Little Miss Dawn was a force to be reckoned with. She stopped Super Heroes for high fives and fist pumps and walked us all around the event space. It was such a joy to be part of her team on the Buddy Walk. #hopegrows

Monday, October 30, 2017

Peer Pressure: Still alive and well!!

Hi there, Just me being real tonight.

At the age of 47, I expected to be able to make my own choices and not have peer pressure at my job or in any area of my life.

Well, I am sad to say that peer pressure is alive and well at the workplace.

I have 2 very good examples for the month of October.

For the first three Friday's of the month we were advised that we could wear a pink breast cancer awareness shirt and get to wear jeans as a perk for the casual Friday at the bank.

I personally was choosing to support domestic violence awareness and Down Syndrome month during February. So I quietly wore regular work clothes for the first two Friday's of the month.

I am sad to say that I caved into peer pressure and wore pink one Friday in October. Personally, I feel like I am a traitor to the other causes by doing this.

Tonight is the night before Halloween. A couple of very vocal co-workers are very excited about Halloween and the fact that we are allowed to dress up. No one could agree on a theme, but a few of my co-workers went out and bought wigs, shirts and even boots to wear for tomorrow at the bank.

At first, I thought I would participate since I have a few options in my Star Trek collection. However, the closer we got to the day to dress up, I realize that at the age of 47, I do not want to dress up!!!!

I just want to go to work, do my job, participate as a team member and then come home and relax on the couch with my hubby. I prefer to be professional at work and get the job done.

We only had 3 trick or treater's last year but I hope to have a few this year including my grandsons who live nearby.  I am not against Halloween. I just see it as a fun night for the children, not for adults.

So, I hope you see the peer pressure in your lives and stand up to it. No one deserves to be bullied!!!
Remember, most abusers start out as bullies that were never punished.

Sunday, October 22, 2017

Love, Support, Compassion & Understanding

I heard from a few friends recently...

The news I received from them was not positive. In fact, it broke my heart.

One friend is going through a separation and not sure what the future holds for her/her family. Her husband has left the family unit and pursuing greener pastures (in his mind only).

One friend has chosen to end any chemo treatments and enjoy every day he has left here on Earth. He has been a dear friend for many years and my heart breaks for him as he makes this journey.

One friend's direct sales company is closing it's doors and she is in a panic because she doesn't know what to do next. She needs that direct sales commission to make ends meet. Her spouse is not supportive of direct sales and even though the commission checks have paid bills/bought groceries he thinks she is wasting time playing with make up and doesn't see the benefits that she does.  My heart breaks for her because I know how hard it is to stick with a business when you don't have support at home.

I also know of several situations where the spouse does not support the wife's involvement in volunteer work or fundraising for a cause that she believes in.

The saddest situation is one I have also lived through:
When one person wants to attend church and their spouse, partner, parent, child, or friend discourages them from going to a church service or event.

Some people even have to deal with the extent where they are ridiculed and made fun of for attending church instead of staying home with the other person to attend to them or do something they want to do.

I have to tell you that in the first weeks of my relationship with David, I told him I went to church and he had zero issues with me attending church. Many times when David has to pull a 12 hour day, I will stop in and visit with my church family at Covenant Church. We had our wedding ceremony at First Presbyterian in Dickson and go there most of the time on Sunday's.

As far as I know attending a church service has not hurt anyone, in most cases, the lesson, prayer, & fellowship help them for the coming work-week. Please do not hold a friend or loved one back if they are attending a church service. Hurting people need all the positive input they can get.

Love each other, lift each other up and check on those you haven't heard from, make sure they are okay!

If you need help, the Domestic Violence hotline is 1-800-799-7233, be sure and pass it on!

Quiet Mornings

Mr. Parish got up and went to the woods this morning.

Right as he was going out the door (stealing a kiss as he passed me in the kitchen), the power went out.

He looked back from the door and said I hope the power isn't out too long honey and I told him to have a great day.

For a couple of minutes I wondered how long the power would be out, checked the house and went back to the bedroom thinking I would take a morning catnap before starting my day.

I called the electric company 4 times and got a busy signal each time then stopped calling. I tried to doze off and relax about the power being out.. but was not successful in letting go of the worry.

I think in total, the power was only out about 45 minutes. I noticed it was back on when I saw a light on in the hallway. Then I made my coffee and had some breakfast, while resetting the clock on the oven and the microwave.

How often do we disconnect from friends/family or even our faith and not even notice?

Yesterday, my coffee buddy came by the house and picked up things she had let us borrow for the wedding. She apologized for leaving her stuff so long. I assured her we didn't mind at all. I was more worried she needed the tables, dishes, etc. since she entertains much more than we do. We realized then it had been 6 weeks or so since the wedding and got a laugh out of that. True friends can always pick up where they left off with no apologies needed.

When I was in my teenage years, I rarely went 3 days much less a week talking to my friend Melanie. We were inseparable in those days. Today, we live just over an hour apart, and maybe talk once every three months. Life goes on, but I haven't forgotten about her. We just have a very difficult time meeting up and spending time together any more.

I hope you choose to re-connect with someone this week and it brings you joy.

Saturday, October 14, 2017

Tell your story!

I have often said, you have to tell your story to heal.

This is all too true, because I know for a fact that others that read my blog have come to me and said hearing what I went through helped them see what they were dealing with. I am no one special. I am only a God-Fearing female in the South who has tried to overcome the hands she has been dealt.

I currently can identify with the following labels:
loved and cherished by my husband
overweight female
treated for depression and anxiety
COPD patient
entrepreneur (two home based businesses Origami Owl and PartyLite Candles)
bank teller

I am currently very discouraged in my direct sales life. I have been with PartyLite for 14 years and for some reason, sales and shows have dropped dramatically since the spring of 2015. Yes, I went through burn out and lost my unit leader title and my entire team quit on me (except one person).

At the same time I was losing all this PL status stuff, I was beginning a fresh, new, loving relationship with David and he loved me as I was. Sad days, bad days and all. And here we are 2 1/2 years later, married (which I really didn't see coming for a long time).

I do love my candle business and I cannot imagine not being able to say I am a PartyLite consultant, but I find myself wondering what to do next. I have customers that quit talking to me, customers that quit having shows, even customers that complained to the home office because they didn't like the catalogs last year or this year. This makes me very sad. So I put on my big girl panties and I asked my VIP group to tell me honestly what is up and why they quit holding parties.

On the flip side, my Origami Owl Business is taking off like i never imagined. I love the fun and creativity my friends have shown so far and even those who 'don't wear jewelry' are curious enough to check out my posts on facebook.

I am just about to hit the 6 month mark at the bank and I do like that job. We are a team there and that is rare to find in any business these days. I hope to be there for a long time.

Please chime in and post messages to me if you read or like /dislike anything you read here. I write to tell my story hoping others who find the blog will know they are  not alone in the every day stuff and to keep going.

If you want to check out either of my business websites, they are: