Sunday, October 22, 2017

Love, Support, Compassion & Understanding

I heard from a few friends recently...

The news I received from them was not positive. In fact, it broke my heart.

One friend is going through a separation and not sure what the future holds for her/her family. Her husband has left the family unit and pursuing greener pastures (in his mind only).

One friend has chosen to end any chemo treatments and enjoy every day he has left here on Earth. He has been a dear friend for many years and my heart breaks for him as he makes this journey.

One friend's direct sales company is closing it's doors and she is in a panic because she doesn't know what to do next. She needs that direct sales commission to make ends meet. Her spouse is not supportive of direct sales and even though the commission checks have paid bills/bought groceries he thinks she is wasting time playing with make up and doesn't see the benefits that she does.  My heart breaks for her because I know how hard it is to stick with a business when you don't have support at home.

I also know of several situations where the spouse does not support the wife's involvement in volunteer work or fundraising for a cause that she believes in.

The saddest situation is one I have also lived through:
When one person wants to attend church and their spouse, partner, parent, child, or friend discourages them from going to a church service or event.

Some people even have to deal with the extent where they are ridiculed and made fun of for attending church instead of staying home with the other person to attend to them or do something they want to do.

I have to tell you that in the first weeks of my relationship with David, I told him I went to church and he had zero issues with me attending church. Many times when David has to pull a 12 hour day, I will stop in and visit with my church family at Covenant Church. We had our wedding ceremony at First Presbyterian in Dickson and go there most of the time on Sunday's.

As far as I know attending a church service has not hurt anyone, in most cases, the lesson, prayer, & fellowship help them for the coming work-week. Please do not hold a friend or loved one back if they are attending a church service. Hurting people need all the positive input they can get.

Love each other, lift each other up and check on those you haven't heard from, make sure they are okay!

If you need help, the Domestic Violence hotline is 1-800-799-7233, be sure and pass it on!

Quiet Mornings

Mr. Parish got up and went to the woods this morning.

Right as he was going out the door (stealing a kiss as he passed me in the kitchen), the power went out.

He looked back from the door and said I hope the power isn't out too long honey and I told him to have a great day.

For a couple of minutes I wondered how long the power would be out, checked the house and went back to the bedroom thinking I would take a morning catnap before starting my day.

I called the electric company 4 times and got a busy signal each time then stopped calling. I tried to doze off and relax about the power being out.. but was not successful in letting go of the worry.

I think in total, the power was only out about 45 minutes. I noticed it was back on when I saw a light on in the hallway. Then I made my coffee and had some breakfast, while resetting the clock on the oven and the microwave.

How often do we disconnect from friends/family or even our faith and not even notice?

Yesterday, my coffee buddy came by the house and picked up things she had let us borrow for the wedding. She apologized for leaving her stuff so long. I assured her we didn't mind at all. I was more worried she needed the tables, dishes, etc. since she entertains much more than we do. We realized then it had been 6 weeks or so since the wedding and got a laugh out of that. True friends can always pick up where they left off with no apologies needed.

When I was in my teenage years, I rarely went 3 days much less a week talking to my friend Melanie. We were inseparable in those days. Today, we live just over an hour apart, and maybe talk once every three months. Life goes on, but I haven't forgotten about her. We just have a very difficult time meeting up and spending time together any more.

I hope you choose to re-connect with someone this week and it brings you joy.

Saturday, October 14, 2017

Tell your story!

I have often said, you have to tell your story to heal.

This is all too true, because I know for a fact that others that read my blog have come to me and said hearing what I went through helped them see what they were dealing with. I am no one special. I am only a God-Fearing female in the South who has tried to overcome the hands she has been dealt.

I currently can identify with the following labels:
loved and cherished by my husband
overweight female
treated for depression and anxiety
COPD patient
entrepreneur (two home based businesses Origami Owl and PartyLite Candles)
bank teller

I am currently very discouraged in my direct sales life. I have been with PartyLite for 14 years and for some reason, sales and shows have dropped dramatically since the spring of 2015. Yes, I went through burn out and lost my unit leader title and my entire team quit on me (except one person).

At the same time I was losing all this PL status stuff, I was beginning a fresh, new, loving relationship with David and he loved me as I was. Sad days, bad days and all. And here we are 2 1/2 years later, married (which I really didn't see coming for a long time).

I do love my candle business and I cannot imagine not being able to say I am a PartyLite consultant, but I find myself wondering what to do next. I have customers that quit talking to me, customers that quit having shows, even customers that complained to the home office because they didn't like the catalogs last year or this year. This makes me very sad. So I put on my big girl panties and I asked my VIP group to tell me honestly what is up and why they quit holding parties.

On the flip side, my Origami Owl Business is taking off like i never imagined. I love the fun and creativity my friends have shown so far and even those who 'don't wear jewelry' are curious enough to check out my posts on facebook.

I am just about to hit the 6 month mark at the bank and I do like that job. We are a team there and that is rare to find in any business these days. I hope to be there for a long time.

Please chime in and post messages to me if you read or like /dislike anything you read here. I write to tell my story hoping others who find the blog will know they are  not alone in the every day stuff and to keep going.

If you want to check out either of my business websites, they are:

Wednesday, October 4, 2017

Things that make you go "Hmmm"

You offer to help someone, they push you out of the way and say "I got this".

The next day they ask for a hand and actually say thank you.

They tell all their troubles to their co-workers and then get snippy cause everyone is in their business and they have no privacy.

Some folks are never happy unless they are the center of attention. They are obviously bored at what they do and find every excuse to call out that is humanly possible.

Some adults hate or refuse to get along with a teacher/educator. They cannot/will not put aside their adult differences for the good of the student/child.

Who gets hurt? The child because they never learn to make decisions on their own. Mommy/Daddy made the decision for them and they may have loved that teacher/educator and because of their parent pushing their own misguided agenda, that child lost a great mentor.

People, we have got to wake the heck up and be honest with ourselves and our children. Yes, We don't like teacher A, but you don't tell a child that. You bite your tongue til it hurts for the good of your child and their teacher/mentor relationships in the future.

If you see bullying by a teacher or another student/child, speak up whether folks like it or not. But don't make mountains out of molehills. Talk to the teachers and administration and monitor the situation from afar. Do not go to church and the coffee shop griping about the situation. Pray about it before you meet with the teacher, before you speak to the child and until the situation is resolved. Go to God, not the gossip corner.

This may appear like rambling, but I see it all connected. We have got to be kind to each other even when we don't like someone. I have to work on this daily. Some people push my buttons and don't even realize what they are doing. I hope each of you has a great evening and stay safe.

If you are in danger, get help either at the hotline 1-800-799-2733 or call 911 if you are in immediate danger.

Consider wearing a purple ribbon this month to make folks aware of the domestic violence in this country. Every 9 minutes, someone is abused by their partner, parent and/or spouse. Speak up and help someone out!!!

Monday, September 25, 2017

Who do you look to for guidance?

Do you pray first in all things???
I mean all things, even spouting off about your opinion about the president's latest tweet or tirade. Do you pray before  you go off about that or the NFL, NBA or whatever has you riled up???

No, I do not pray before all things, but I have learned to bite my tongue and NOT talk about politics at my job.

If you recall, I was a state government employee for over 20 years and we were advised every political season that we were not to publicly campaign for any one candidate unless we wanted to lose our jobs. I remember when my dad would never talk about politics or who he voted for because he too was a full time state employee.

This was all before social media was all the rage and everyone felt it was their right/privilege and obligation to spout off their opinion no matter who it ticked off or made mad in the days/weeks to come.

When I worked at TWRA, I got so ticked at hearing our Tech II call Obama a communist and tell raunchy jokes that were off-color and racist and brag about how she hated him and how she worked for the CIA in the past. It made me sick to my stomach and I knew I could never be like her.

My last day at wildlife, I really wanted to tell her off to her face but I knew it would be wasted words because she just didn't see any other way but her way. I am so thankful David and I made the decision for me to leave state government and seek a job close to home. It took a while and I really do like my job and I am constantly learning something new every day/week and that is a good feeling to know that I took a leap that did not backfire on me.

This time last year, I took a job with a printing company that only lasted 45 days. Now that I think about it, I wonder if they let me go because I opened my mouth about my political feelings the day after Mr. Trump was elected. Nope, I did not like it and I was very afraid for our country that day and still am months into his time as president.

Well, anyway... here we are in Late September and football season is in full swing. I love watching football, college, high school and NFL. I talk to the tv during the games and cheer on my favorite teams (Denver Broncos !).

I hate that this "taking a knee" mess has divided people yet again. I just want to watch my football and escape reality for a while. I don't care where you go to church, who you pray to or where you sleep at night.

 I am a grown woman who loves football and hockey and I am also a former Army Wife/Army Mom and I taught my GS troop/Cub Scout Den how to fold that flag, how to do a proper flag ceremony and how to carry the Flag in a parade or ceremony.  We were even on call to do flag ceremonies when the council needed us because I made it that important.

I will not take away another's freedom of speech because that was one of many things this country was founded on.

Folks, I just want to watch football in peace without the politics. Take your protest elsewhere.

At the end of the day, no boss on this earth can tell you how to live your life unless you choose to submit to them. The only being we are to submit to is the Almighty God.

Search your heart and pray before you destroy relationships on facebook, social media, work and professional life with your tirades and political posts.  I know I will continue to search for answers.

If you are in danger, please seek assistance at 1-800-799-7233

Friday, September 22, 2017

Friday Night Thoughts

How are you this evening?

Some are celebrating homecoming, some are celebrating doing absolutely nothing and some are madly getting ready for their child's bday party the next day.

Today was the first day of Fall here in the US and it was a very warm day for Middle Tennessee.

Friday is my longest workday and most hours on my feet.

By the time we get off work most nights, I am exhausted and want nothing more than to go home and put my feet up and possibly take a snooze break.

However, tonight, I got a text message a little while before work was over and was happily surprised to see my buddy Steph had driven down to see me for awhile. We had dinner, she brought me my pampered chef order and she took home some melts and origami owl items.

Hard to believe how fast time has flown. My grandson will be 2 next week and tomorrow we celebrate his birthday on my birthday. This I think is pretty cool.

Life is uncertain, folks are fighting cancer and  fighting for their lives every day.
Be sure and love loud and proud. Always tell others how you feel about them so there is no doubt.

I am working hard daily to cut back my sodium, eat healthier and bring lunch from home more to save money. I am not losing weight very fast, but I am losing little by little.

Whatever you have going on the next two days, make it great, keep it positive and stay kind to others.
See you next time!

Friday, September 15, 2017

1st week

Both David and I have been peppered with a certain question this week. Honestly I find it curious and would never think to ask a newlywed couple this question.

Both co-workers and friends have asked us "Well, do you feel any different since the wedding?"

I laugh, shake my head and say, no not really every single time.
Still have to get up and go to work, do the laundry and all the other regular daily chores of our lives.

Tomorrow I have several things on my list to get done.
They include, working the Drug Take Back at the Dickson Fairgrounds, going to a friend's birthday dinner and going to find a few things we need this weekend.

Have I told you that I hate, hate, hate shopping and I hate driving in Nashville???

Well, to get your name changed you have to drive 45 minutes in any direction to find an office of the SSA. It's comical really. Here I am, taking off personal paid leave time to go get my name changed and then visit a friend for lunch.

It's my paid time off, but I would rather use it to visit a forest, campground or fishing area. We really need some time off to do some relaxing where we are not consumed by stress about work.

I also have things to return that my friends kindly allowed us to borrow/use during the reception here at the house.

I have been really congested for days now and hoping it subsides soon. This cough just wears me out and I know it makes others around me uncomfortable, but I do what I can to control it.